Client Testimonials

What do current group members have to say?

I am so honored to be a part of the CAM Leadership group. The vision is clear to empower independent management companies so we can succeed in our local markets and remain competitive in the presence of national brands. CAM Leadership offers a “safe space” for company executives and leaders to hear best practices as well as discuss real problems and solutions that are seldomly shared. I would encourage any of my peers to join.

Theresa M. | American Community Management

Besides learning A LOT at these sessions – it’s a good and needed monthly refocus!

Dana H. | Next Generation Management

I leave these sessions with so many notes and action items to keep me going for the next 5 years.

Farrah E. | Cardinal Property Management

The CAM Leadership Institute is the other side of the coin that you may not see or be aware of. This is a unique and high-value opportunity to expand your reference spectrum and benefit from the experience of many other professionals with a similar passion for progress and success.

A single point of learning has the opportunity to create a multiple return on investment. Based on my own personal experience, it is impossible to attend a focus meeting without picking up several solid experiences that can be implemented with a strong return.

My personal experience has resulted in improvements in technology, partnership, networking, process, and enhanced KPI utilization.

Henrik H. | Spectrum Community Management